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The Gefion Clinic

Holistic Integrated Therapy  

A way of assessing a state of health and treatment needs.

We have developed The Gefion Screening Model, which bridges theory and practice, diagnosis and treatment. This work has unfolded during the past two decadess.*

The database from which the model has unfolded is being constantly revised according to the latest data from the fields of Psychoneuroimmunology, Clinical Ecology, Quantum Physics and the below mentioned alternative disciplines. The prerequisite being that the data is consistent with clinical experience. The model was first developed at the Gefion Center for Integrated medicine 1986 - 1990 and at the Gefion Clinic in Copenhagen 1990 - by Drs. Ole and Suzette van Hauen-Drucker.

All patients are screened according to the below factors, which, if present, will disturb the homeostasis of the Mindbody. 

  1. Structural or postural misalignments or blockings
  2. Biochemical imbalance due to masked addictive allergies to foods, chemicals and/or stimulants and/or to environmental factors.
  3. Immunosuppression due to bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections
  4. Iatrogenic diseases (medical complications from treatment)
  5. Geopathic stress
  6. Heavy metal overload, oral galvananism (from dental fillings)
  7. Work related stress load. Noise, radiation, chemical pollutants, ionization etc.
  8. Inherited factors (according to homeopathic nosodes).
  9. Present and past predisposing psychological factors, including prenatal stress.
  10. Social, cultural, existential and spiritual factors.

Treatment modalities used in the clinic are:
allopathic diagnosis, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) including herbal medicine, structrural manipulation, homeopathy, nutritional therapy, and clinical ecology,psychoneuroimmunology, laser therapy, kinesiology, Whole-Self regressive therapy, Jungian therapy, visualization, astrological diagnosis, Holistic Integrated Psychotherapy (HIP), dream analysis and Reiki healing

*Part of this work was inspired by the philosophy and scientific work of Professor David Bohm.

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