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Oxy-Aqua Plus


The German invented Artesis principle provide filtered drinking water, high-grade enriched with medical pure oxygen through a revolutionary new procedure. This is the modern way to provide us with healthy water and additional oxygen at the same time. The machine makes it possible for you to produce your own oxygen-enriched, chemical-free energy drink at any time you wish. In addition to this basic equipment you may extend your system according to your needs and the quality of your tab water with a membrane pump, an UV-disinfection module, a reverse osmosis cartridge, a cooling system and an original Martin water whirl.

The most important chemical reaction from the metabolism of nutrients is the production of water and energy in our cells using oxygen and hydrogen. Water is imperative for all biological processes in the body, because water is the basic substance in our internal environment where all biochemical reactions take place.

Why oxygen?

Oxygen is a precondition for energy and your body is able to convert nutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) to energy with the co-operation of vitamins and minerals only if there is enough oxygen available.

For many years the need for oxygen has been gradually rising due to pollution with pesticides, heavy metals, electromagnetism, radiation etc. It is no longer possible to stay healthy without an extra effort. Research has shown that our basic demand for oxygen is met not by the lungs alone but by the alimentary tract as well. We "breathe with our gut." This is why drinking oxygenated water is a well-established physiological way to apply energy to your body. In this way you can help your body fight infections and chronic problems by regenerating and renewing your body cells with oxygen. Medical doctors and hospitals in several parts of the world now use oxygenated water in their treatment of patients and during admission to hospitals to support the healing processes.

We have at the Gefion Clinic for at least 20 years with considerable success used hydrogen peroxide as a standard treatment for acute and chronic illnesses. The use of hydrogen peroxide may for some patients be difficult due to its insipid taste and therefore it rarely is taken preventively for a longer period of time. Oxygenated water on the other hand tastes wonderful.

Research has shown good response from treatment with oxygenated water in diseases of the heart, intestines, and lungs as well as in cases of high blood pressure. It has been shown to improve the oxygen supply to the brain, stop migraines and stimulate the immune system. For the prevention and treatment of cancer it is a must.

This means that oxygenated water has a preventive action on diseases not only in humans but also in horses, cats, dogs and other pets.

Within agriculture it has been shown that oxygenated water enhances the yield why Artesis have build machines for that and other similar purposes within the industry.

Good and healthy drinking water is increasingly difficult to get. Mineral water and in particular carbonated water do not contain enough oxygen to protect the body against normal conditions such as stress, infections and tiredness.

 By installing your own Oxy-aqua machine in your home you can once and for all start to make your own water with additional oxygen, which will increase your energy, prevent stress and allow your body to clean out toxins.


 Oxy-Aqua Plus Water Machines


Wonderful tasty pure water free of germs, pesticides and heavy metals, highly oxygenated with healing qualities. Oxy-Aqua Plus in cooperation with the German company Artesis offers you the best water available.

Where to buy?

Oxy-aqua plus is a green company conscious of the ecology of the environment located in la Cala de Mijas.

We give seminars and offer counselling regarding water and health not only to private but also to customers from the water industry, breweries, agriculture and farming, horse stables and other professional groups within the healthcare systems.

Oxy-Aqua plus
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